Jerky scrolling

  • Just installed Vivaldi, REALLY IMPRESSED! But the "smooth" scrolling is so jerky. Every other prog. in linux scrolls much the same, but Vivadi jerks to a start and a stop with every mouse wheel movement. Don't know if this is linux only or all platforms (not about to use the others to find out). But it is really disconcerting and spoils a well-designed browser. BTW, does Vivaldi have anything like firefox's about:config?

  • On Windows, scrolling is reasonably smooth but also pretty fast. Didn't particularly notice the scrolling on Linux (on my other computer).

  • @vivdotaldi
    No problem with smooth scroll too.

    There's no Firefox like about:config in any Chromium-based. Chromium flags list is what we have.

    It seems you're a power user? Using command line flags is the only way that on par with Firefox about:config.

    Visit for a complete list. Updated regularly.

    chrome://flags is only child play. Or maybe the other way around, it's too sophisticated. For some settings, we can't tell what IS the actual current Default except we know what build flags used when building this version of Chromium.

    Linux/Debian sid amd64.
    nVidia propietary driver.
    libevent input library.
    Vivaldi snapshot & stable. (snapshot is my main).

  • @dleon Thanks for that. Maybe it's my setup: standard debian stable. But without doubt the scrolling is quite different from that of any other program, and much less pleasant. I hope the developers can look at this, because it is a terrible distraction. Cheers.

  • You can help yourself with an extension:
    Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller
    helps a lot and lets you configure the scrolling behavior of vivaldi the way you like.
    There should be something like that integrated into vivaldi...

  • I'd try
    before adding an extension, then if it's not smooth enough or you want more fine tuning, proceed on adding the extension

  • Moderator

    Scroll is not good if CPU/GPU has less power or the hardware acceleration for OpenGL fails on your Linux.

  • Scrolling (using two fingers with touchpad) is slower than normal on my laptop running win 7 x64.
    Scrolling with touchpad works fine on Arch Linux running on the same laptop.


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