Spam Check / Definition?

  • Isn't one of the telltale signs of spam, criteria supposed to be that a post has a gazillion links?

    Well, I'm already seeing one on the Reader:

    For future reference, is that going to be considered spam? Or is it within the guidelines? I'd hate for this Take Two of the Vivaldi Community to become the nightmarish spam-inundated dump that the original Vivaldi Community became.

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    @suntana Dr. Flay is a known security fanatic who commonly links to a ton of security-related articles and pages. I personally do not share his mania for security, but many do and it would be a shame to exclude him for "spam" when his concerns are mostly legitimate and the data he links to is valid. That said, I can't proceed to the link because of an error window that says my connection is not private. How ironic.

  • Yeah, I noticed that too ... that the certificate was expired or not valid or whatever. I had to make several attempts, finally just clicking on Continue for jussst enough time for me to copy the URL before closing the tab.

    His links might be legit and his intentions good, but it could backfire by establishing a certain pattern of what is allowed.

    Oh well. I asked and it was answered. Thanks for the info, Ayespy.

  • There were a lot of reports of certificate errors on the blogs recently ...

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    I don't see any link or button for reporting a blog for spam. Perhaps that would be useful?


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