Vivaldi lags having several tabs

  • Hello

    Especially when opening a youtube video, always there are a few freezes in the video stream, while audio keeps playing and also the mouse arrow is invisible when moving it over the Vivaldi window.

    What can cause this problem? I have ublock origin as an extension running and also cleared the cache, but no improvement.

    I noticed in the task manager, that many vivaldi.exe processes are running. Is that normal?

    Thanks in advance for your tips.

  • Moderator

    @h4nne5 There are up to four basic Vivaldi processes and then a process for every tab and a process for every extension that is full-time live.

    You could have four tabs and (depending on your extensions) and eight to thirteen processes running. That's normal.

    I am working remote at the moment, rather than on my home system. I have 25 tabs right now (but only 15 processes because most of my tabs are hibernated), no videos running (I don't use my browser for media consumption), and see no delays over and above the delays that come with using a system that is nearly nine years old, running 32-bit Win10 on a dual core 3.4 GHz processor and using its max of 4GB of RAM.

    So I'm wondering if your hardware is a bit over-taxed, or if you are running some other software that might be slowing down Vivaldi.


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