Too Much Google

  • I liked the browser, till I checked in the settings menu. There are too many Google links for someone who is conscious of their privacy. Yes, you may be able to disable some. But they shouldn't be there in the first place, or at least should be disabled by default. Good try and it would have been great to see a browser like Opera used to be. But I've uninstalled because I don't trust Google or any product that is so tightly integrated with them.

  • Google is NOT Chromium (nor Chrome but Chrome is Google's. Chromium is opensource)

    And back to the topic. If there is a setting for it it's good, isn't it? Vivaldi team do NOT force you to use it. You can disable it anytime you want. In fact using malware protection can be good (if google's malware list gets some polishing).

    If you wanna avoid google at all just disable these. There is no need to uninstall something (and to be honest name at least 1 browser which do not have something in common with Google).

    I think that google has more "spying code" in Chrome that Chromium (because of Chrome is NOT opensource - owned by Google - while Chromium is opensource "owned" by community) and if some made it into Chromium too I would bet that it's deleted in Vivaldi or set in options (as malware protection is)

  • In all of the browsers that I use, I have been allowed to choose google as my default search engine. If I am frightened by google and privacy issues, then I can use another search engine.

    As to google in the underlying Chromium code, there are numerous explanations throughout the forums about why this is NOT a violation of privacy concerns in Vavaldi or any of the other browsers using Chromium code. If you do a search (maybe some engine other than google – lol) you can read these responses.

  • What "Google links" are in the settings? I'm not trying to troll or anything, I genuinely don't know what you mean by that.

    When I look into settings, I see exactly three things that have something to do with Google. One is the setting for the default search engine, then there's the option to use Google's phishing detection, and finally there's an option to report browsing incidents to Google. All three can be changed or disabled within seconds.

    What else is there that could be considered "Google link"? Especially when it comes to what you can't disable, since you say that "you may be able to disable some", implying that there are other settings you can't disable.

  • I believe that the big concern about google and privacy goes to the underlying Chromium code that runs the browser. When we open a url it sends that site off to google to be checked for possible virus and malware issues. People are worried that google is using this information to spy on users.

  • @litehorse3:

    I […] When we open a url it sends that site off to google to be checked for possible virus and malware issues. […]

    isn't there an option not to sent to google to check for this? 😛 I think that this is the Google malware protection - and that can be turned off in settings far easy… once again, Chrome (or Google if you want) is not Chromium.

    and to be honest everyone is spying on us. One just can use TOR browser and still will not be protected from spying... so just trust in Vivaldi and that Chromium is checked by a lot of people trying to find this to can attack google should be fine when speaking about some trust in this (chromium) open-source project.


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