pdfs won't open

  • Windows 10, Vivaldi 1.12.955.48 64 bit

    My bank has statements that open in a new window as pdfs when you click on a link. When I try to open one in latest Vivaldi release a new window opens but no statement appears. It is just a blank area within what looks like the normal Vivaldi toolbar.

    I've checked both Firefox and Chrome and they work properly.

    Is this a bug? I haven't made any settings changes.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, sounds like a bug yes 🙂 If you could report here: https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/ and provide all the information you have, with perhaps a different PDF example that fails for you, that we can also test (thats not a private pdf). Thanks!

  • Ambassador

    I have no problems opening pdf files. Do you have the reader activated in the configuration?

    Win 7 32 Vivaldi last stable

  • I just opened some PDFs from my insurance agent, it worked in Vivaldi. I do have Enable Internal PDF Viewer and Enable Widevine Plugin checked in the Webpages section under Plugins.

  • I have both those checked. As I recall I had the same problem some time ago but was apparently fixed before I reported it.

    I can open and save pdfs. Just not when the are opening in a new window.

  • I found that by changing Webpage focus to Focus All Controls and Links from Focus Forms Only fixed the problem.

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