Blurred fonts rendering

  • It is on Windows 10, with fall creator update. When the page/browser was left there untouched for a while, all the fonts - page and ui - are blurred. Please see the attached screenshots.blurred fonts It had happened to MS edge and even the Win10 start page, but they have fixed it many months ago.

    Intel graphics, 1080p, 100%.

  • I'm experiencing blurry text rendering with the latest version (1.13) of Vivaldi as well but, to a lesser degree. I've spent hours playing with settings in Windows, Vivaldi and my graphics card to no avail. I've given up and actually stopped using Vivaldi because of this. It's a shame, too, because Vivaldi has some features I really like but, it just looks awful.

  • Try running Vivaldi without the High DPI setting in windows.

    right click Vivaldi Icon on desktop, select properties, select Compatibility, settings, put a check mark in Override High DPI in the dropdown box select Application, click Apply ,click OK, restart Vivaldi it should look sharper. HTH

  • @stpvid1 Thank you but, I've already tried that. No joy. I've installed the Font Rendering Enhancer extension and that has helped for web pages but, UI text is still fuzzy.

  • did you try typing in the URL chrome://flags there are a lot of settings and font and text switches you can try out to see how they work on your PC

  • I run Mactype on my Windows 10 installation, since this OS’s font handling has been appalling compared to Mac OS X or even Windows 7. I don’t know if this is the version I run—the site looks unfamiliar—but it is the first entry in DuckDuckGo.


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