bookmark bar span on two rows

  • I'm trying something to show labels in bookmark bar in two rows -
    basically using white-space but texts (with one row) and site icons (folders are fine) are misplaced then

    .bookmark-bar {height: 37px; font-size: 170%;}
    .bookmark-bar button {
    	padding-right: 0px; /*Shrink bar*/
    .bookmark-bar button span {line-height: 18px; white-space: normal; text-overflow: clip;} 
    .bookmark-bar button img {margin-top: 6px; width:26px;} 
    .bookmark-bar button img + span {margin-left: 5px;} 

    My fault, quite sure (fixed?) xD
    "Strange" values you see - fonts/sizes - depends on other workarounds I have. :P

  • What do you really need?

  • @luetage
    So this should do (did some "fix")

    • increase bookmarkbar height
    • tweaking how span is shown (two rows)
    • tweak some button margins
    • increase img size to 26
    • remove hated text overflow(...) xD
    • some values depends on other mods (font-size, probably)

    Tried to slightly increase span width, but without so much success.

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