Newline in Bookmark description

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know how do I get a newline in the bookmark description please? Hitting CR key just enters the description.

    To make matters worse - I used this a lot with Opera 12 and the descriptions my imported bookmark field have converted newlines to some weird symbol.



  • @stejjh
    Directly can't yet.
    And I don't remember ever requested. I can't remember every request ever pass here anyway. I never request it as I more a one-liner.

    Editing the description in an external editor then copy-paste to Vivaldi is the current workaround I know.

    If you check [Vivaldi user profile]/Default/Bookmarks the format become like text\ntext. Note: \n = new line escape character here.
    But if you try to write like that in Vivaldi, Vivaldi will add extra \

  • I have reported it as a bug IIRC. The notes panel allows word wrap, but the Bookmark Description does not.

  • @pesala

    I have reported it as a bug IIRC

    Ah, cool.

  • Thanks for the quick reply and workaround.

    Is it safe to edit the Bookmarks file by hand (with Vivaldi shutdown)?

    I would like to do a search and replace on the imported bookmarks to change \u0002 to \n



  • @stejjh said in Newline in Bookmark description:

    Is it safe to edit the Bookmarks file by hand

    Yes, it's just plain text JSON format. I see you know what to do, maybe I don't need to remind you to backup :smile:

  • Search and replace worked fine, thanks.

    The next issue is the description field is too small (just two line deep) and there doesn't appear to be control to resize it.


  • @stejjh Drag the separator to resize the pane at the bottom of the Bookmarks Panel.

    0_1509827399625_Resize Bookmark Description.png

  • Thanks, that will do.

    I was looking at the bookmark properties pane on the right when selecting a bookmark from the bookmark tab (next to speeddial).


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