New snapshot is available for download

  • Vivaldi Team

    After we released the snapshot on Monday, we found out that The Linux and Mac versions were vulnerable to FREAK vulnerability :( (We did patch last week's TP2 for the FREAK problem, but embarrassingly enough, we forgot to update the normal development code :blush: ) The latest snapshot contain the fix as well as some other bug fixes. The latest build can be downloaded from here.

  • Here's an idea. Since the update function is probably not coming very soon, how about making a chocolatey/nuget package? That would make Vivaldi updates easier to handle.

  • Hi,
    Trying to download Vivaldi debian pkg via wget, but keep getting:

    2015-03-13 20:17:20 (29.0 KB/s) - Read error at byte 27253520/40634784 (The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.). Retrying.

    And the download restarts. :( Eventually had to search for pkg mirror on Google
    Client error or server error?

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