E-mail Bombs Might Become More Common Now

  • hxxps://www.grahamcluley.com/can-no-lon ... mailchimp/

    Seems that confirming a request to subscribe to e-mail newsletters, etc. is going to become less common, making you more vulnerable to e-mail bombings.

  • Hmm, I keep receiving emails informing I've got a son of a gun tax return, from IRS, in American English.
    Good to know I got tax return from IRS... I'm not even US citizen... what a nice people.

    Joke aside.

    All Email provider already have a way or another to circumvent that. And if you the type who create own Email server, there's plenty of software to rate limit or block incoming mail.

    The only "email bombing" I got are from Pinterest & Twitter. I keep forgetting to set their email limit.
    Exclude them, my main email is ZERO entry. I archived important emails somewhere else immediately.


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