Pack of improvements for Vivaldi Webmail

  • Tried to use Webmail Vivaldi and was disappointed. I thought, there finally will be something really comfortable for mails, but well, it's almost the same uncomfortable thing as any other mail service. Though, Vivaldi really listens to its users, so, here is a pack of suggestions to improve the Webmail and make it comfortable. I'll post each suggestion in a separate post to save vote function.

    1. Filters are not enough functional

    Problem: for now filters can only move/delete inbox messages and catch only a few simpliest ifs and that's not enough for a good work. Currently, filters are almost useless.
    Way to improve:

    • allow user to assign filters for other folders;
    • add date, mark, attached files depending actions;
    • add marking actions (mark with a star, mark as read, mark as unread, mark as spam, mark as not spam);
    • add match regexp and doesn't match regxep for equals/doesn't equal/contains menu;
    • add ability to combine any filter with any other filter with AND, OR, XOR and nesting ifs, for example:
        header [FROM] [EQUALS] [something]
        header [DATE] [RANGES] [FROM] [unlimited] [TO] [something else]
        [STAR] [MARK] is [TRUE]
        header [FROM] [EQUALS] [another something else] 
            header [SUBJECT] [CONTAINS] [new something]
            [HAS] [ATTACHED FILES]
        [MARK] as [READ] [AND] [MOVE TO] [archive folder]

  • 2. Mail recieving works for current folder only

    Problem: user should go through each folder checking for new messages to really know are there any inbox moved by filters or the folders are truly empty.
    Way to improve: check for inbox for all the folders, not just for the one user opened.

  • 3. Shows only unread messages count

    Problem: read count is an important info and for now user can't get it without counting on his own. I catched myself on constant checking all folders for this info.
    Way to improve: add an ability (checkbox in settings) to see read count for each folder alongside with unread count.

  • 4. Folders managing is not enough functional

    Problem: "Marked" folder can't be managed. Other folders can't change nesting level if already created.
    Way to improve: In WordPress many plug-ins allow moving entries to sort them and to change their parents/children. If folders managing worked the same way it would be far more comfortable and intuitive. The intuitiveness would be provided not just by WP popularity - WP's way of managing such entries is intuitive in itself.

  • 5. Messages management isn't clear

    Problem: when message is open, it is selected and can be managed by the messages toolbar buttons, but its checkbox isn't checked. So, user doesn't know he selected something and can accidentally delete or mark as spam something without an intent.
    Way to improve: you could mark opened message as checked automatically, I thought, but it will create new intuitiveness problems, such as when user wants just open a message but not select it for management, he have to unselect it later. I think, the best way is to divide out selection for opening (.selected) and selection for management (.checked).

  • 6. "Later" button

    Problem: sometimes when you can't or don't want to deal with some letters now, but you know you should deal with them later, you search for "Later" button. It's known especially well for those who keep their mails in order and organize read letters to useful archives.
    Way to improve: the same toolbar button as read.dropdown/move.dropdown/delete/spam buttons. When clicked, all checked letters get "Unread" mark and move to standard "Postponed" folder.


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