Making access and organization of bookmarks quicker

  • Hi u all!
    I’ve got a lot of bookmarks to handle every day. Firefox, despite its many shortcomings, in my opinion has the best manager to quickly add new bookmarks directly from clicking the icon in the address bar. Vivaldi is superior in all other aspects.
    But adding bookmarks in this manner in Vivaldi is a drag. I have a lot of directories and sub directories and it is much more convenient to put bookmarks directly in those subfolders in Firefox. If I want to add bookmarks from the adressbar in Vivaldi, all bookmarks are folded up and I have to scroll endlessly to find the designated folder. Is there a way you can implement the same structure the way Firefox handles this pesky task? Firefox does it like Finder, Dolphin or Explorer are handling files – you click through your own structure one step at the time.
    Thanks for your dedication to make Vivaldi the best browser for “web-o’holics” like myself.
    Cheers Eric

  • @silentdeer when you select the bookmark folders you can press the initial letter of the folder you're looking for to find it quickly.

  • Would also be nice if the Search was where the Focus is when the Bookmarks Panel or Page is opened. As in O12.

  • Moderator

    In my opinion the initial focus is in the right place.

    • If you want to edit the Bookmark Title, Ctrl+A and typeover is easiest
    • Press Tab to add a description if needed
    • Press tab again to focus the bookmarks folder
    • Then, as IanG said, type the initial letter of the desired folder. If there is more than one, just type it repeatedly to cycle through them all.
    • Tab again to enter a Nickname
    • Press Enter to add the bookmark

    0_1509565038288_Add Bookmark.png


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