Javascript buttons open new window after update

  • Hi!

    I love Vivaldi and have used it a lot on many platforms - actually this is the very first "problem" I have run into.

    We have a case system, and that system uses Javascript buttons when we want to reply to users.
    In versions before 1.12.955.48, the javascript buttons just opened a new tab - now, they open a window. Popup blocking is enabled for the site.

    I'm using the stable 64-bit channel on Windows 10, and I can't find a option to make vivaldi open the content in a tab.

    The javascript button code line is like this (I have added double quotes):

    <input type="button" class="button" onclick="javascript:viewSelectedMessages(5542150, 1666, this.form.ca_1666_5542150);" value="Open message">

    Do you guys have some suggestions I can try to resolve my "problem"?

  • care to check your settings?
    settings/appereance/open popups in tabs

  • ... My bad. I have been into settings many times, but must have been blind. Sorry!

  • @pazau Like you, I sometimes go completely blind when something i'm searching for is right in front of me.

    The solution is to make liberal use of text searching. For example, typing "pop" in the search bar to the top left of settings brings up what you were looking for.


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