How to control memory usage in Vivaldi

  • Vivaldi Team

    How does Vivaldi handle memory usage and what can you do to reduce it? Here are a few tips that should make your browsing faster.

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  • Nothing New. But may be useful to some.

  • Awesome summary of how manager the memory in Vivaldi but this on others browsers is very similar.
    I like that you think about the optimization of the user, with this information they are taught to be a user more aware of the distribution of resources on the computer.

  • @vgntl: For those less related to computers, it may be useful for them

  • Vivaldi Team

    Something I find make a difference is to block trackers and advertisements. I then whitelist sites I wish to support. Well-written web pages are not an issue, but many advertisements are poorly crafted.

  • Moderator

    Just in case people are interested:

    Ways to open the task manager:

    • V Menu > Tools > Task Manager
    • Quick Commands > Type "task manager"
    • Keyboard shortcut Shift + Esc
    • (As of latest snapshots on windows) Right-click an empty area of the top of the window, and select "Task Manager"

    Ways to check your extensions:

    • V Menu > Tools > Extensions
    • Quick Commands > Type "extensions"
    • Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E
    • Add "chrome://extensions" as a web panel (My personal favourite)

  • To manage your extensions more conveniently you can use a web panel (as mentioned above):

    • Click on the + in the panel switcher bar
    • Enter vivaldi://extensions in the input field
    • Right-click on the jigsaw puzzle icon of the panel
    • Select "separate width" and drag the panel wide enough to see the enabled/disabled buttons.

    This way you can always see the state as long as the panel is open and switch them on and off on the fly.

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    Useful "How to". I will post the Blog link on Portuguese Forum.
    Personally i can't complain about the RAM. The CPU usage is more important for me.

  • The big problem for me is that even without using most of the ram available, webpages die quickly... If you left some page open for a while without going into it, when you do, it will reload from scratch, and you'll lose all the live benefits of certain websites... Discord is a good example, I'm constantly losing messages because the tab gets killed in no time.... This is something that doesn't happen on other browsers.. 😞

  • @dleon Not courtesy of chromium. If I do the same test in Opera everything works fine.. there's no sleeping or hibernation, the page just vanishes.... again, in Opera I can have pages working for days in the background..

  • I found it all very interesting and potentially very useful - so I've saved the whole page with Ctrl-S for future reference. Many thanks, Team Vivaldi!

  • It's many words about nothing basically
    tl:dr; hibernate background tabs, disable extension you don't need.

  • nice post! after checking Vivaldi's task manager, I noticed that each "web panel" also has its own process (called WebView). so maybe an user will have even more simultaneous processess even with few tabs open.

  • "the average web page size in 2017 is 2959 kb", is that information right? I can't see any page close to so little...

  • @luetage Why so arrogant, uncharitable & harsh? Simply because you are evidently beyond needing such overview & explanation, does not in any way negate its value & helpfulness to lesser mortals... maybe even lots of them. "tl:dr" often says rather more about the wielder of such patronising acronyms, than the subject matter at hand, IMO. I applaud V for providing such info, & hope that they keep it up.

  • @steffie All I did was summarise a 1229 word article in 8 words. No reason to blindly attack and destroy. Try and be nice.

  • @luetage I'm afraid you have mischaracterised what you did, & then what i did. You were mean & disrespectful of the article, & dismissive of its value to other users.

  • @steffie And I'm afraid you have completely overreacted. Mean, disrespectful, patronising, arrogant, uncharitable, harsh -- that's a full out attack. If you really think my comment was that toxic, do you believe it is appropriate to fight fire with fire and be mean and disrespectful in return? Just flag my post for moderation next time. Personally attacking other members of this site can never be the answer, independent from you being right or not.

    @luetage I have to disagree with you, I think this article is valuable to many users, since it outlines and explains various ways to keep memory consumption under control, and in an understandable and clear fashion. It can't be summarised in just one sentence, it gives so much more info.

    @Steffie Thanks, you're right.

    -- is how this should have gone down. Let's pretend this happened.

  • @luetage Allergic to truth, huh? If you say mean arrogant things about other people, don't be surprised if you get called out for it. If you don't like that, then stop patronising & putting down others.

  • i hope in future Vivaldi will provide a tab-state control feature, to see which tabs are in which state. tab hibernate is good, but kinda not practical as one can't see a visual difference between anything apart from current tab. tabs from last session, background tabs, suspended tabs - they all look the same, making little point in hibernating, as few minutes later one easily "opens" same tab by accident.
    yet there is no Chromium-based browser to have Visual Settings of Tab States and no extension, so Vivaldi could become a pioneer!

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