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    I used to be able to delete my own posts, but apparently I don't have sufficient permissions to delete my posts in the Linux forum. Is it related to the number of posts a user has made in that forum?

    I posted a duplicate in error. I could not flag it for moderation either.

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    @pesala I nuked the comment for you. Weird users can't delete their posts any more, though. You're not the first one to mention it. Would you post a bug? And I will ping someone backstage to see if this is actually the way things are supposed to be now. And it may be that users cannot flag their own posts.

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    @ayespy I reported the bug.

    (VB-34240) Unable to delete my own duplicate comment

    Your nukes are not very effective. I hope Kim Jong Un's are as bad as that (~_~)

  • We haven't been able to delete our posts in a long time. I question if this is actually a bug, someone of the team would have noticed? At least I thought it's intentional. But yeah, bring it back.

  • It isn't built in to NodeBB, At Opera forums they can, but only for a limited time.

    Years ago at MyOpera we had problems with "trolls" who would change or delete their post later, so we disabled those options. I suppose they still think it is a good idea.

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