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  • Hey, May just keep updating this thread or something cause I really love this browser! Bugs/Issues: [ul] [li]In history: Open in new tab doesn't work[/li] [li]The command for notes doesn't open notes (or anything else for that matter)[/li] [li]The javascript in js heavy pages does not seem to always load - I cannot open a popup of the Aviary SDK for example it just opens blank[/li] [li]I cant seem to find any cache settings and as a web developer its pretty frustrating[/li] [/ul] Updates I would Like [ul] [li]Open in background tab option! - Its driving me mad[/li] [li]Change the background image of the speed dial page - Just to white to be honest[/li] [li]Add a filter search bar at the top of speed dial, so you can tab in and quickly search for the bookmark you want. - maybe over kill but I think its a nice feature.[/li] [/ul] Think its a great browser though! Great to finally see a competitor for chrome. - As a side note you may want to add li styling to the forum... xD they were meant to be a list.

  • Change the speed dial background go to "C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application\\resources\vivaldi\resources\bg.jpg"
    Rename the image "bg" and add a plain colour image and name it "bg". I size it 1750 x 1280. You have to re-do it with each update.
    If you just rename the bg.jpg file and nothing else you get a white background …...I think.
    Close Vivaldi before doing this.
    Oh! I've just noticed you use Mac, probably doesn't apply then

  • Thank you so much for that!

    You can do a similar thing using a mac: Applications ▸ Vivaldi ▸ Contents ▸ Versions ▸ ▸ Vivaldi Framework.framework ▸ Resources ▸ vivaldi ▸ resources ▸ bg.jpg

    Replace and restart and your background image should have changed.

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    And for now you can middle-click or Ctrl+click on a link to open in background tab.


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