Bug? When Find in Page bar is not visible, selecting any text makes it the new "Find in Page" term when you try to repeat search

  • I've submitted this as a bug, but I'm curious if a significant number of people actually asked for this behavior, since it seems like something that may have been deliberately added. As I mentioned below, I feel like at the very least, there should be an option to turn this off.

    Copied from bug report:


    1. Press command-f to do a Find in Page search.
    2. Click a link to go to another page.
    3. Select some text (maybe you want to copy it)
    4. Press command-g to repeat your previous Find in Page search
    5. While the "Find in Page" bar is not active, select some text on a page.
    6. Press command-f or command-g to repeat a Find in Page search you previously executed.

    Expected result:
    "Find in Page" input field should retain the previous search term. At the very least, "Use selected text for Find in Page" should be a Preferences option you can turn off.

    Actual result:
    The field's contents are replaced by the selected text.

    I find this can be quite frustrating. Let's say I'm searching through multiple pages of a website for a particular term. Every time I click on a link, there's a risk (particularly with a sensitive mouse) that I'll accidentally select a bit of text, inadvertently replacing the search term I want to continue searching for. Or maybe I just need to copy some text, and forget to deselect it before resuming searching.

    Also bad is that if you have string A selected on a page, press command-f, replace the search text with desired search string B, and then at least twice do the following:

    • dismiss Find in Page (escape key),
    • bring up again (command-g)

    The search field gets set back to A again even though A is not even visibly selected on the page anymore.

  • Moderator

    @isildur It is a feature that significant numbers of users requested, not a bug.

  • I think, instead tick able option like usual request, maybe better if we split the search in page.

    • Ctrl/Cmd-f stringA for usual search.
    • Add menu "search this stringB" in right click menu after we select stringB.

    Leave the usual search (point 1) intact if user not explicitly do point 2.

    Using tick able option mean we need to keep coming back to settings if we actually need 1 or the other.


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