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  • The reader page gives an overview of recently posted blogs. There are a few issues I want to point out.

    • The reader page can only be accessed by going to the dashboard, which is only available if you hit "my blog" on the avatar dropdown. It's convoluted finding this -- there should be an easier way.

    • Reader page can't be filtered by language. I figure most users aren't interested in blogs they don't understand, so we need a filtering option down the line. The legacy blog platform had the same issue, and it was never addressed.

    • I haven't been able to see any of my blog posts on the reader page (front page, whatever we call it) after posting them. They are set to public. Moreover it is quite apparent, that very little blogs are being featured there. I have a feeling most users currently publish their blogs and they aren't being shown -- and that's why there are so few new ones.

  • I concur that the Reader is not exactly easy to get to. The only way I can get to it is via the link that I found on the default "Hello world" post that we all get. Likewise with the Dashboard. I have those 2 links as well as the Appearance Menu link bookmarked and that's the only reason I can get to them.

    To not let myself get disappointed, I'm setting my expectations low as to what progress is actually going to materialize with this new incarnation of the platform. I hope I am seriously wrong, but I have a feeling that by December 31, there won't be much difference from what we are already seeing if any at all.

  • @suntana Give them some time, its's fresh now, no reason to doubt any of that.

  • I'm really hoping that somehow the platform / community DO manage to somehow get going a la MyOpera. You know ... not necessarily knocking out the biggies, but yet still very significant for a pretty solid group of loyal users.

    I love my awesome Blog at Blogger, but ... there is no built-in community there. So that's one of the main reasons I'm hoping things work out here.

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