I can't use Netflix

  • Since i have installed Vivaldi, I can't use Netflix. I receive an error any time I try to watch a film. Probably I miss some kind of extension to use Netflix. Does anyone have this issue like me?

  • @sarteschipietro Not enough info to guess -
    What is your O.S.?
    What is your Vivaldi Version?
    What error do you receive?

    First thing - Check if DRM and H264 works at https://demo.castlabs.com/

  • <<as she screams to the universe>> I've lost count of the number of times this question [& variants] have been asked. Why can / do people seemingly not use the Search tool here? Can the previously much-canvassed solutions be somehow pinned as a "Sticky" topic like in other fora?

    To the OP... if you happen to use Linux, fyi here's a verbatim paste of my private notes. NF for me has consequently worked in V "forever", so i've not needed to redo this for yonks. I therefore don't promise that something in the following might not now be superseded, but it's still worthwhile trying this. If you're on a lesser platform than Linux [teehee, i'm just (half) teasing], then either Search the forum [it's been canvassed to death here], or maybe some kind soul will happen along & post platform-specific stuff for you [but you really could Search, whilst you wait...].

    To play Netflix in Vivaldi-Snapshot in Linux x64:

    1. RESOLVE libffmpeg.so [this is only a once-off necessity, else NF declares the browser non-Chrome & refuses to play. Note - some V updates are buggy & delete this file again, in which case this procedure does need to be repeated]:

      a. Browse to   http://repo.herecura.eu/herecura/x86_64/
      b. Find the latest   vivaldi-snapshot-ffmpeg-codecs-xx.0.xxxx.xx-x-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz   [eg, vivaldi-snapshot-ffmpeg-codecs-48.0.2564.71-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz]  & download it.
      c. Go to the Downloads folder, initiate Konsole therein, & run  tar xf vivaldi-snapshot-ffmpeg-codecs-48.0.2564.71-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz --strip 2   [ie, obviously match the specific file from #3. This step pops out  libffmpeg.so  into the folder]
      d. Run  sudo install libffmpeg.so /opt/vivaldi-snapshot/libffmpeg.so  [This step installs said file into my /opt's Vivaldi-Snapshot folder].   Do ditto for Stable [ie, sudo install libffmpeg.so /opt/vivaldi/libffmpeg.so].
      e. Close V if it was open, [re]start it, & now NF should play. If not, proceed to #2.
    2. RESOLVE libwidevinecdm.so [=Best way yet to manage this file necessity., which completely eliminates the need to ever d/l & install Chrome in toto.... use the brilliant bash script by Vivaldi's Ruarí Ødegaard; "latest-widevine.sh". https://gist.github.com/ruario/3c873d43eb20553d5014bd4d29fe37f1] :

      a. I've stored my copy of this script in   /media/steffie/Seagate 2TB hdd/4. Software/Browsers/Vivaldi/Widevine (needed for Netflix etc; sourced with Ruario's script)/
      b. To run it, launch a Sudo konsole in that folder, & type:   sudo bash latest-widevine.sh



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