Feedback (Mostly Good)

  • So I wanted to drop in some feedback on what I been experiencing with Vivaldi thus far... Most of it I would say is positive. It runs well, loads fast, plays youtube videos well, and I've even managed to rig in enough extensions I need to make browsing pretty painless. So mostly I have to say team is doing really well and I thought I'd just glance at Vivaldi and quickly forget it, but now I'm kind of hooked on it. But of course it's not all good news.. and there's some oddities I've experienced and wasn't able to immediately find someone else posting about.. So as I said Youtube loads fine, videos play well.. However, buffers A LOT for me. If I open up Waterfox/Firefox and put up a stream it plays just fine on Medium quality for me (My internet is bad) with little to no buffering. But if I open that same stream on Vivaldi, I get buffering constantly. I also noticed another weirdness in that if I try to do an internet speed test (I personally use it will show my download speed being SIGNIFICANTLY lower than it does on Waterfox/Firefox. It's almost as if the ability to download/stream on Vivaldi is being throttled somehow. As in if I go on Firefox I'll show a speedtest about 2-3x if not more speed than Vivaldi does immediately after. If this is a known issue of some kind and someone can let me know I'd appreciate it. If not I hope reporting it has let the team know it exists. Any information I can provide to give more information on it I will do so as well. Keep up the good work.

  • FWIW, results of my speed tests on and DSLR's new speed tester using Vivaldi are identical with the results I get using both Olde Opera (12.16) and Firefox (35). Do you have some custom-installed extensions or settings changes you've made in your Vivaldi installation?

  • I haven't changed much of anything except add a few basic Extensions like Adblock but in my initial tests on your site recommendation I still show some disparity. I suppose next step just to eliminate all possibilities I will disable all extensions in Vivaldi and test again..



  • So upon more investigation I may have discovered the source of the issue.. for whatever Netbalancer was giving Vivaldi a Low priority for download/upload resources and thus it was probably being pushed out by anything else grabbing for bandwidth. This might not be a problem with a faster internet than mine but on my crappy 2.5mb connection it makes an impact. Will continue to investigate through next day or so as I watch Twitch streams and do things..

    Might be something worth checking into though as this hasn't happened with any other browser. Waterfox was High by default I believe.


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