vivaldi for wind7.64

  • My link to my vivaldi browser is broken so I'm writing to you by "Opera".
    I can't download a new vivaldi because it says to reinstall.
    I can't reinstall cos it says I have one on my machine already.
    I cant rerun any previous insallation file because it says I already have a later version.
    It tells me that the path may be broken.
    How can I downoad the latest stable version and regain access to my account which has valuable information in it (I'm trying to buy a new laptop on ebay which has gone slightly wrong - the battery won't charge) and I need the communication.

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    @grape Have you uninstalled Vivaldi or is the old version still on the machine? (I know the machine tells you it is there, but did you run an uninstall?)

  • Yes I did. It would not complete. Of course I have since discovered that Vivaldi still works on the guest profile, and even seems up to date. I have Dr.Web and SSL Enforcer and Peerblock Extreme. Have I managed to uninstall in the Administrator Profile but not in the Guest Profile? There have been a couple of strokes and 4 years in advancing age since I set this up & I think its beyond me now.
    But thankyou Ayespy for drawing my mind back, however I don't know what to do; except the obvious thing of working on my own machine as Guest! A certain amount of humour is essential in life!

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    @grape From your admin seat you should also be able to install Vivaldi "Standalone" in any location you want it, and be able to run it as admin. You can then move your existing Default folder in to replace the one Vivaldi installs, and have all of your data and settings.


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