Links don't take focus

  • If I follow a link in an email or document for example then the the newly created tab doesn't take focus
    I then have to find Vivaldi and click it to see the new tab
    Even if I check for updates the 'Software Update' popup is out of focus
    The thing is it sometimes works, even for several new tabs then just stops working
    All links work as expected from any webpage
    I have now had this issue for sometime but each new build fails to fix it
    I have raised several bugs for this but never hear anything back
    Looking at various forums it does appear that others are having similar issues
    I am using 1.13.971.8 (Official Build) (64-bit) and Win 10 1709 17017.1000
    Any suggestions will be very welcome

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    Shift+Click on such link in external program (f.ex. The Bat!) works for me and brings Vivaldi top foreground.

  • Shift+click doesn't appear to work

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    @robertgr said in Links don't take focus:

    Win 10 1709 17017.1000

    Perhaps a problem with your Win 10 Insider.

    I have no problems with my Win 10 Fall Creators, Vivaldi comes to foreground and opens the link.

  • @gwen-dragon I don't think so as I get the same issue on a corporate laptop which is on Win 8.1 Enterprise

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    @robertgr said in Links don't take focus:


    Update to 1.13.1008.3, that is the latest Snapshot.

  • Have just updated to 1.13.1008.11 (Official Build) (64-bit) and it appears to have been fixed!
    Nothing mentioned in the changelog so perhaps the update corrected something for my install?
    I will thoroughly test and observe throughout the week and will report back
    However, thank you to all for your comments

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