Vivaldi browser won't work with Wacom tablet

  • Chrome, Opera, and Firefox all work great with my Wacom tablet, but for some reason, Vivaldi will not. The cursor moves around on the screen when I use the pen, but that's it. I cannot scroll or select anything. Since it works flawlessly in Chrome, I feel it should be an easy fix for the Vivaldi engineers.

    I really love the Vivaldi browser. But switching back and forth with the mouse is a pain, and gets old.

    Please correct this problem guys.

    Thanks for your consideration. -gk

  • Known issue with several touch devices.
    I'm pretty sure it'll we be fixed.
    Actually, Vivaldi don't use chromium interface, only its core (blink).

  • works fine under Win7 SP1 64bit with Wacom Intuos 4 ( Driver 6.3.25-5 ) ... no Problems fully functional,
    so it looks like a individual configuration Problem.

  • /edit/

    Wacom Bamboo; Wacom Cintiq too works fine.


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