Vivaldi will not go online

  • New user here. My iMac with El Capitan 10.11.6 has two user accounts which I will refer to as A and B.. In user A I downloaded Vivaldi and installed it. After setup it would not go online through several tries. Sometimes a black screen with a white outline of a dead bird would show. Other times it crashed with a crash report popup. I scoured the System Users and found nothing out of the ordinary.
    In account user B Vivaldi set up nicely and goes online smoothly. User A has admin privileges and user B does not have them. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    What version of Vivaldi are you using?

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    @Echosyn I read and re-read your post a few times to make sure that I understood you correctly.

    So user "A" (admin user) downloaded Vivaldi (hopefully directly from and installed it by copying to /Applications

    When user "A" (admin user) launches /Applications/, it either crashes or produces "dead bird" (crashed) tabs.

    When user "B" (non-admin user) launches /Applications/, it works fine.

    Is this correct?

  • @xyzzy Version is 1.12.955.42 Yes that is correct. I downloaded EtreCheck, ran it and the result showed that an extension from Malwarebytes had been installed on Sept. 17. I found and deleted it but that did not help.

  • I will add that Safari works fine in both users. It appears that something is attacking the non-native browsers.

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    @echosyn Obviously, you need to get rid of whatever malware has infected your system and ensure that your system doesn't get re-infected. It's especially bad that your system's admin account has been hit. Unfortunately, this is not really the right place to seek assistance for this.

    It's also essential that you get your Vivaldi installation back into a known good state.

    You'll probably want to remove all of the files and directories that Vivaldi creates to store its preferences, profile, and cache... effectively starting from a clean slate. Typically, these are:

    ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi
    ~/Library/Saved Application State/com.vivaldi.Vivaldi.savedState

    You can also use the following terminal command to verify the integrity of your Vivaldi application bundle:

    $ spctl -a -vv /Applications/

    This effectively runs the same checks as Gatekeeper and the output should look like this:

    /Applications/ accepted
    source=Developer ID
    origin=Developer ID Application: Vivaldi Technologies AS (4XF3XNRN6Y)

  • Thank you. Your instructions are printed and I will follow through. I tracked the problem to an event from last November and will be erasing main drive after saving some files then reinstall from clean backup. When I was downloading Vivaldi update 13 a popup said "This will harm your computer. Do You want to download it anyway?" So I will back off and wait for instructions. Tell admin that we need a button for editing one's posts when there are errors.

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    Where are you downloading Vivaldi from that you are receiving these errors? Stable versions of Vivaldi should only be downloaded from:

    The Vivaldi Blog - - also has links to the latest Stable and Snapshot versions.

    Make sure that malware on your system is not redirecting your downloads to "alternate" sites and that you're only downloading authentic software from legitimate sites.

    The information in my previous post are not step-by-step instructions. Before taking any remedial actions, be sure to know what you're doing and why you are doing it. Before deleting any files, know what you're deleting and why you're deleting it. If you're unsure, please ask.

    Lastly, you can edit your posts by clicking on the "three dots" and selecting "Edit" from the menu.

    If you also don't mind my asking, what do you think led to your system getting infected?

    Best of luck in recovering your system.

  • I learned the hard way long ago to only download from original sources. I downloaded 1.13 from this site which I am presently using and I will see if it retains passwords after I close then reopen it. At my first closing and reopening it did not retain full screen size. I cannot tell you the specific details of the page. I am writing this from unaffected non-admin user B. The crash event only happens in user A. The origin of events affecting my computer started October 12 last year when my wallet was stolen. I started using computers in 2012 and had a long road of learning on the fly so I was vulnerable in my ignorance. Life has been hell and extremely stressful all those months. I had a router that would capture ID of incoming and I have regularly printed source headers of email spam. That router suddenly died and I cannot find another with that feature. The most common originating hostile server is The perp had an opportunity to catch a flaw in Apple Remote Desktop client and messed with the El Capitan kernel. To complicate matters more Apple has done an evil thing by deprecating El Capitan and not allowing a simple fresh reinstall. It can only be done through Terminal. Are you aware that Firefox 56 will soon be deprecated and 57 will be greatly changed from previous style? I dumped Firefox for being sluggish and obsessing with spinning beachballs. My computer is iMac mid 2009 A1225 with original hardware. 2011 ended the SuperDrive. I'll go take a walk in the woods and rant at the dying trees. Thank you very much for the help.

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    @echosyn Sorry to hear that. FYI, on your hardware, it is possible to reinstall "El Capitan" either from the recovery partition or by booting the installer from a USB thumb drive.

    If your recovery partition isn't usable for whatever reason, your local Apple Store can probably help you to obtain a bootable installer; given the support status of your system, they'll likely refer you to an Authorized Service Provider. You can create an "El Capitan" installer on any 8GB USB stick but it's important to do this from a clean system.

  • Recovery partition has been useful and I have wondered if I can use recovery to reinstall El Capitan without losing my files. How does that work? Does it go to Apple and get a fresh copy? A roadblock issue I encountered when trying to get a El Capitan install .dmg is that it was not available from Apple so I brought a new and formatted thumb drive to Computer Guys and paid them to put the installer in the drive. But when I tried to use it a popup would not allow it to be used from a thumb drive. Now I am stuck with the installer package in downloads and in the thumb drive and have no way to use it as far as I know. External backup has the cloned OS 10.11.6 from main drive with its issues.
    The Vivaldi 1.13 had the same issues as 1.12 in not retaining passwords and not staying in full screen so I used AppDelete to uninstall it. Then I did a extensive maintenance on the OS and used CCleaner. Upon coming back to Vivaldi Blog page I tried 3 times to download 1.13 but got 1.12 every time. Did I go to the wrong page?
    ![0_1509543930089_OSX-Install.tiff](Uploading 75%) I tried to upload a screen shot but a popup said "Invalid file type". It is a .tiff and I have no knowledge of how to make OSX do a different file type.

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    @echosyn said in Vivaldi will not go online:

    I tried to upload a screen shot but a popup said "Invalid file type". It is a .tiff and I have no knowledge of how to make OSX do a different file type.

    Please upload as PNG or JPEG images.

  • I just said that I have no knowledge of how to change a .tiff to another type or how to select a type of image and I cannot find that information in the OS nor after many searches on the web. I asked at two Mac forums and nobody replied. OSX El Capitan For Dummies does not provide the information. What do you suggest?
    A bit of good news is that after I did the deep maintenance and looked closer at Vivaldi installers I saw that the most recent 1.12 download ends in .48 which is different from what I had used. It installed in admin user and went online. Hooray!!

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  • Thank you. I printed the page for practicing the methods. Bad news is that Vivaldi 1.12xxx.48 has crashed again in admin user when I sent it online. Something is very abnormal about my computer system. A few minutes ago I was in non-admin user and uploaded 4 camera photos then I logged out and swiched to admin user. When Vivaldi crashed I clicked to close. It closed and the four photos from other user popped up. I thought that this was impossible for the two users to interact. I have not been able to do a reinstall of El Capitan because every instruction that I have found and that were suggested do not work. Apple Support Communities has a crazy rule that one cannot register to join until one asks a question then a register window is supposed to open but that has not happened with me. It will not let me use my Apple ID to login.

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    To convert a TIFF image, double-click on the file in Finder to open it in Preview. Hold down the "Option" key and select "File / Save As..."

    As for creating a bootable installer, the instructions to do that are here:

    To boot off of this drive, turn off your Mac, insert the USB key, turn on your Mac and immediately hold down the "Option" key -- you should see the USB key as a bootable drive. Don't boot your regular OS with the USB key inserted or you risk infecting the installer.

    As for reinstalling while keeping your existing files, even if you could, I'm not sure you'd want to consider that option. Your system will likely get re-infected all over again.

    As for cleaning and recovering your system, there's not really any additional help that we can offer here other than to suggest consulting with an expert in this area. If you're not far from an Apple Store, you can also get some free advice and guidance from the folks at the Genius Bar.

    Best of luck with getting your system back into a usable, healthy state again...

  • Thank you very much for the valuable advice. I printed the linked pages you provided and will follow through. Do you have a page for we users to report Browser incidents that will interest you in the development or is this forum the one to use?

  • @gwen-dragon Thank you. It is frustrating and sometimes embarrassing when a solution is at my fingertips but instruction is difficult to find.

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    @echosyn If you run into a bug, you can file a bug report at

    If you have suggestions for new features, you can submit them here:

    You're also always welcome to post questions to the Forums.

    Welcome to the Vivaldi community and best of luck in getting your current issues resolved!

  • THANK YOU! I look forward to this adventure.


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