Printable Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet...please.

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    I am embracing Vivaldi as my everyday driver browser and am attempting to get more efficient in my browser navigation through keyboard shortcuts. I am trying to tap into all of Vivaldi's potential, however I learn much faster with cheat sheets vs. navigating back and forth with the help menu.
    So my question are:
    --Is there a request submitted for the ability to easily print the keyboard cheat sheet in the help menu? (I am imagining it would print the default keyboard shortcut keys as well as include user created/custom keyboard shortcut keys.)
    --Has anyone determined an easy workaround solution to print the the keyboard shortcut keys beyond screen capture that they are willing to share?
    --Has someone already created a shortcut key cheat sheet (preferably default shortcut keys) they are willing to share? (preferably editable so i can add to the cheat sheet as I become more comfortable and begin creating my own shortcuts)

    thanks in advance for any help or insight!!

  • @grandmaster
    Current feature request thread is here

    It's good idea anyway.

    For your 2nd point, why not tile Vivaldi settings page with other page?
    Maybe after 2-3 days, you'll forget the request.

  • I think you should have a go at making one yourself and share the result with us.
    Others could edit that one for their needs 🙂
    Would be great!

  • FastStone Capture makes it easy to capture the same screen area repeatedly. The four sections are different sizes so three need to be cropped at the bottom, but it only takes a few minutes to do. Even the freeware version of FastStone Capture 5.3 can do this. These are my current cheatsheet shortcuts:

    0_1509512015002_Cheatsheet Window.png
    0_1509512025292_Cheatsheet View.png
    0_1509512034139_Cheatsheet Tab.png
    0_1509512043592_Cheatsheet Page.png

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