• Dear Vivaldi developers!

    High Efficiency Video Coding standard has almost four years already. Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge as well as Samsung Internet Browser on S6, S7, S8 already do support playback of HEVC video streams in the MPEG-4 container.

    The question is if and when will Vivaldi join the club and stay relevant?

    Thank you very much.

    Can I use HEVC?

  • You are talking about companies which have trillions of yearly incomes, and have no problems paying licence fees for the HEVC/H265 licenses, and some are even in the HEVC licensing pool themselves so they are not paying, they got paid for licensing their patented codec. Vivaldi can't afford it at the moment, it needs to grow and have substantial incomes before having the ability to pay for 3rd party licences.

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    @peak said in HEVC:

    The question is if and when will Vivaldi join the club and stay relevant?

    The real question is when will HEVC become a universal standard that browsers need to support, to "stay relevant."

  • @peak
    Just seek ffmpeg library that built with hevc. Rather easy for Mac or Windows as a lot of 3rd party done it for you. Plus, the installer usually register the library to OS registry or whatever.
    Remember, Vivaldi it self won't package anything that considered non-free.

    I'm mostly in Linux/Debian, I need to build my self if I want it. Some distro have them at least in their 3rd party repo.

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    It looks like licensing may well be an issue for Vivaldi. They are not big enough to pay licensing fees and a free license now that might require payment in the future is risky.

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    Having the VLC installed, there are also several apps in the Chrome store that you can try.
    VLC does not usually have problems with any multimedia format


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