CSS Capability?

  • I read in the default Hello post that custom CSS code can be incorporated. However, when I follow the path that is indicated "Appearance > Customize" ... I'm not remotely seeing where custom CSS code could be added.

    Is this a function that hasn't actually been incorporated into the platform yet?

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    @suntana It's not in the interface at all. One has to add special files in the profile space to do it, because it's not officially supported yet. Please read the https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/43/customizations-extensions category

  • Thanks for the info, Ayespy ... luteage. However, I've never been a fan of kluging any apps, be theme browsers or in this case --- a blogging platform. In this case, I'd rather have there be an official CSS Box that I can be confident is going to work.

    I guess I'll have to wait. Besides, that'll give me time to try and re-learn everything I learned --- AND forgot about CSS code back in my MyOpera days. 😆

    Speaking of CSS code ... back in the MyOpera days, like many other people, I used to use Dragonfly to check things out. What would one use here? I don't use Firefox, so I can't use that Firebug or whatever it's called. I have never used it anyway and wouldn't be able to use it since I have Windows XP.

  • @suntana There is no "official" way of doing this, although the way described just works. And it doesn't look like Vivaldi will give us an inbuilt option to do this. Which is understandable, because then they'd have to deal with users complaining about bugs which have been introduced by their own modifications.

    If you're not confident trying this then modifying the browser is probably not for you. Which is perfectly fine.

  • The Customization section in the Hello World default post specifically states, "For the more technically savvy out there, you can of course also use custom CSS to make things just right. To add custom CSS, head to Appearance > Customize." I interpret that to mean that they WILL incorporate an official CSS Box of some sort in the future. Otherwise if that is definitively NOT the plan, then that statement would be misleading or flat out false and would need to be removed from being touted that way. Because that path does not lead users to the direct area where they would modify the guts of the platform to manually incorporate CSS capability.

    Then again, this platform IS Wordpress-based and from what I've heard all along is that Wordpress gives away VERY little for free. So who knows.

    That's what concerns me about this new incarnation of the platform being Wordpress-based. It gives me an uneasy feeling that it'll probably have a very low ceiling as to what features addition progress and customization ability we'll actually see.

  • Yeah, you're talking blog and we were talking browser. Give the blog platform time to develop.

  • I'll be monitoring things.

    Ideally it would be great if it developed into something pretty close to what MyOpera was, instead of trying to go more in the direction of facebook / Google + or whatever the 1st incarnation of the Vivaldi Community was trying to go for.

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