Questions / Wonderings / Observations

    1. Do I understand correctly? This new incarnation of the Vivaldi Community is constructed / based on Wordpress behind the scenes, under the hood?

    2. Okay, I have installed a Test Header.
      Now ... I'm not liking that my Blog's title ALSO appears above the Header. I also don't like the Sub title below that. And I am not seeing a way to deselect / deactivate those two. IS there a way to make them disappear. I want the ability to have the HEADER take the place of both of those.

    I mean, yeah, have the option there for those who might like the current setup. I just happen to not prefer the current setup.

    Is it my imagination or is it hidden in plain sight ... or is there currently NO capability for installing a Background image?

    1. Is there now or will there be in the near future the capability to add Images and Emoticons in comments? I'm not seeing that right now.

  • Okay okay, after peeking and poking around some more, I HAVE already found the answer to my 1st question. I do see now that Wordpress IS indeed being used as the blogging platform.

  • I finally managed to figure out how to install Background images by changing to different themes. However, unfortunately the results were horrible. The text was unreadable. Apparently the Background image capability on this current version of this new platform is not exactly recommended.

    For example, on my current Blogger Blog, I have a transparent theme whereby while you can see the Background image, there is by the same token a transparent dark backdrop in front of the Background image so that the text on the page has contrast and is definitely readable.

    I didn't immediately see how to accomplish that same LOOK here on this new Vivaldi platform.

    I don't know. I'll experiment some more. But, the initial results are pointing to that I won't be able to achieve the LOOK that I had hoped.

  • I think you have free hand in customizing your blog, you aren't dependent on themes. I'd like to check this and give advice, but sadly my blog is down and marked as spam 😃

  • Well, for example luetage, let's say that for comparison purposes, we put the CSS customizing route aside for now. On Blogger, with the available theme templates in conjunction with the various things / attributes that were are allowed to modify, we have a much more potent arsenal of customization tools at our disposal to put together a LOOK much more to our liking.

    With the current Wordpress-based Vivaldi new platform, we currently have a VERY limited theme / template selection from which to choose. (5 is it?) Not only that, but the things / attributes that we are allowed to change within those themes are also VERY limited.

    For example, here is my current Blogger Blog:
    (No CSS code is involved.)
    (Moderator feel free to remove the link if my Blog is outside the Vivaldi guidelines.)

    With the current tools available (to the best of my knowledge) on this new Vivaldi blogging platform, I'm not seeing the ability to remotely approach putting together something very similar to that LOOK here on Vivaldi.


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