Frame drops/Lagging with fullscreen videos

  • The issue was there already before the Fall creators update for Windows 10 but since I updated it's a constant problem and more severe. Whenever I switch to fullscreen on a video, Youtube or Twitch for example I get huge frame drops and the video becomes unwatchable. The issue still persists after turning off hardware acceleration. Graphics driver has been reinstalled to the newest version as well as Vivaldi completely removed and reinstalled.
    No issue with Microsoft edge browser.
    I tried different Youtube videos, some 4k videos worked and like one 1080p video but it was not consistent with 60fps or not 60fps, the codec was alway VP9.
    Sometimes exiting the fullscreen on youtube takes a while, you can't see the cursor and then after a few seconds it closes the fullscreen.
    I am not quite sure if it is an HTML5 problem since i didn't find enough flash video sources to check if the problem is there as well.

  • Moderator

    Try to start Vivaldi with desktop shortcut, open shortcut property, edit target field and add a parameter, means: vivaldi.exe --disable-direct-composition

  • The solution with the parameter worked up until the new update to 1.13.1008.32.
    Now I don't have smooth videos again with no solution in sight. At this rate I will have to switch browser.


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