Weird description format in bookmarks

  • I have a quite large bookmark file. Therefore, I'm often using the description field to add some personal notes to bookmarks. However, when I click on a bookmark in the bookmark view I get large fields for url, snapshot etc., while the description field has just two narrow lines. This is FAR too small. Of course I can scroll to the right to type my description, but this is pretty awkward. Unfortunately, I could not find any way e.g. to change the size of this description field, so I can see the whole content at once.
    Are there any ideas, what I can do there? Or are there any changes in the pipe?

  • Use the bookmark panel. in there the description field is resizeable by dragging the separator up.

  • @lader6 It looks like a bug to me that the text in the description field does not wrap.
    Submit a Bug Report
    Something can probably be done to fix it by editing common.css.

    See the Modding Forum

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