Problems playing videos.

  • So, I've been using Vivaldi pretty regularly now for about a year and have been pretty happy with it. When I first started using it, I had significant problems getting videos to play on Facebook, etc. I had to reinstall and find that these problems STILL seem to exist?? What's the deal? This is pretty basic so why is this stuff still a problem?

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    @wickedjester said in Problems playing videos.:

    This is pretty basic

    Erroneous assumption. It is one of the very most fraught and difficult to solve issues concerning truly independent browsers that don't have millions to buy licensing, and yet are ethical observers of digital licensing rules.

  • So, if I download and install flash player and it won't play videos on Facebook, how is that related to licensing? This is the same process that every other browser uses so I'm confused about why it doesn't work for this one?

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    @wickedjester It does work for everyone but Mac right now. It has worked for Mac in the past, but they changed something and that is being chased down.

  • @ayespy
    So, what magic dance do I need to do to get it work on my Windows 10 machine?

  • @wickedjester Try opening the site preferences from the icon in the URL field, and select "Always allow on this site."

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