Vivaldi now much slower and unresponsive. x86 bit Windows 10 Pro

  • After about 1 years use of Vivaldi, recent download Vivaldi x64 bit takes over 6 minutes to open on Window 10 Pro fully updated, compared with MS EDGE loading in about 20 seconds. In task manager there are about 12 instances of Vivaldi in operation at same time, on one click to open one instance.
    Um this gives great problems. Also noticeable as much slower on opening anew tab or changing a tab.
    Is there a conflict between Vivaldi and latest Windows 120 pro upgrade?

  • Moderator

    @eionmac Not here. 3 sec to open. What sort of hardware do you run? Any extensions? A massively huge stored list of downloads? Any third party security software?

    20 sec is basically an eternity for MS Edge to open - which makes me wonder if you aren't maybe running this on a TRS 80.


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