• On the forum profile page there is this thing called "reputation". What the heck does it mean? Or even is it worth knowing?

  • @para-noid When a new user joins the forum their reputation is zero, and until they have 2 points, they cannot edit their posts, and have to wait 560 seconds between posts. This is an anti-spammer measure.

    Every time someone upvotes your post, you get a reputation point, and if they downvote your post you lose one.

    Since the reputation is used for voting in the Feature Requests threads, the reputation count has become rather meaningless. Formerly, one could tell which users were really helpful on the forum by their reputation count, and those who are rant and insult the developers tend to have a low negative count.

  • It's just the sum of votes an user got for his comments, if helpful people will upvote to say "thanks".
    If one gets a lot of reputation points, he could be even asked by admins to become a moderator.
    And a moderator should also move this topic to as All Platforms is not the right subforum to talk about the forum itself.

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