Incorrect values of loading pages in the address bar?

  • Showing Vivaldi values for loading sites size is always incorrect or is it feature which I don't understand?
    For example, Vivaldi vs connection speed meter:


    • first loading of the page (after cache cleaning):
      vivaldi: 6MB - 6.2MB
      speed meter: 4.3MB - 6.3MB

    • starting vivaldi with the page (with cached page):
      vivaldi: 6.4MB
      speed meter: 430KB

    • refreshing the page:
      vivaldi: 6MB - 6.2MB
      speed meter: 120-130KB

    Why there are always such differences between what the browser shows and what the meter shows?

  • any answer?

  • The probable answer is that Vivaldi shows the size of the page, from wherever it's being loaded (cache or net).

  • @gregor If I understand you correctly, your "speed meter" is showing the amount of data passing through your online connection port; the Vivaldi loading indicator shows the size of the page moving into the display from whatever the page source is (online or cached), as @luetage has noted.

    When reloading a webpage from cache or refreshing it, certain communications with the site will occur to establish whether the page data may need updating because the page data has changed on the site - but unless the page needs to be re-downloaded, that will only be the small amount of data traffic seen in the speed meter.

  • So it's correct value but offline cached page?

  • @gregor I believe the Vivaldi-reported size for the page it's loading into the display (whether it's sourced from online or cache) is reasonably accurate, though I'm less certain of the accuracy of your 'speed meter'. Your speed meter should be reporting the traffic volume that moves through your Internet connection, but that will include website responses to Vivaldi's various page update/information requests and checks as well as other traffic for anything else running on your system that pulls its own data at the same moment (eg: website reputation checkers, online-traffic-checking antivirus modules consulting data in the cloud, extensions doing the same thing, etc). How that all gets folded into or shown by the speed meter reading, I'm not clear on.


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