Option to close Tabs from the Quick Commands menu

  • I'd like to see the option to close tabs and multiples of them when searching through tabs from the Quick Commands menu.

    For instance: lets say I have 200 tabs and want to close all of the DuckDuckGo search windows I've opened while researching a topic, let's say there are 40 of them and they're sporadically placed throughout the tabs.

    What would be great would be to open the Quick Commands window ( Ctrl+Shift+F in my case ) and type 'DuckDuckGo' – like you would now – and selectively press an 'X' to the right of each Tab item. The QC window should not close between 'X' presses.

    It may also be nice to have a 'close all' button, but I would be fine spamming 40 x buttons instead of searching the list for each Tab to close them – as you would now.

    I currently use the "Quick Tabs" plugin to do this, but that's about the only functionality I still use from it.

    Curious what others think!


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