Zoom/Mod for dev tools?

  • Can dev tools(api) zoomed in/out? There is a keyboard shortcut somewhere, but it does nothing 😞
    And its UI is become barely visible (I don't want to change vivaldi UI size).

    Ctrl+0 fix this. My fault.

    (Ok, this still could be useful xD).
    So I tried with the unpacked extension/dev tools experiment flag/allow custom UI in dev tools, but everything seems ignored.

    Honestly, I prefer the easy way this time - as I only want to add a single zoom/transform line.

  • Zooming devtools works for me with shortcut out of the box, but I'm on osx.

  • @luetage
    is shift + (numpad) plus/minus ?
    it seems to be not working here on win10

    Oh! My fault. Searched for a workaround and Ctrl+0 just reset/unlock the zoom - so then you can use shift+plus/minus(numpad) on winOS to change sizes.

  • Yeah, just the normal zoom shortcut works on it, you just gotta click on the devtools window first to select it.

  • Moderator

    Fails with 1.12 Stable.
    Works with in 1.13.998.3 Snapshot on WIndows 10 x64.
    Regular keyboard Ctrl+ and Ctrl- zoom devtools only if i focus the devtools.


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