My Vivaldi doesn't open too.

  • Today it randomly crashed when I was opening humblebundle. When I tried to reopen it, it didn't. There was nothing in the processes. I've tried moving the Default folder - happens the same. Then I installed the new version 1.12, opened it, then transferred all my settings to it and it still happened. I moved Default folder and it was the same. Then I restored my files for 23.10 that Windows had saved, and when I opened Vivaldi again, the new 1.12 version deleted itself from my pc???????? I opened the old version, and it seemed like it worked, but then it crashed again. I opened it - and what do you think? All my tabs were lost. I opened a new tab, it crashed again, and the tab was lost again. Then I tried opening a new tab and just closing Vivaldi manually, and upon reopening I'd get blank page. It's worth noting that Vivaldi DOESN'T start until I click it TWICE! Neither the 1.10 version nor the 1.12. It seems to not crash with Default settings being vanilla now, but how am I supposed to know which files are responsible for what? I've googled and could not find the file responsible for keyboard shortcuts, and no matter how hard I tried to find the one I couldn't, unless I moved the entire folder, which would crash the browser again. I could get it to work if I only knew WHICH file contains settings. Jesus.
    Extensions being the problem is not the case.

  • @knightfury okay, I think I found the settings folder. Well, after I transfer only settings, bookmarks and tabs, I get this whole thing again. How the hell can settings/bookmarks fuck up a browser??

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