How many dependancies can you remove in the linux version?

  • I'm not a programmer or a developer, so the following may be stupid questions, but here goes... You're probably used to people asking for more, not less. How many dependancies can you remove from Vivaldi? I suppose that depends on whether Vivaldi intends to track Chrome/Chromium closely, or whether it's a fork that goes its own way. I believe that Chrome/Chromium is related to Google's ChromeOS, and therefore includes a bunch of stuff that belongs in an operating system, not a web browser. 1) Print-servers are part of the OS. But Vivaldi seems to require cups and cups-filters. 2) Why on earth does [b]A WEB BROWSER[/b] have a hard-coded dependancy on [b]UDEV[/b] ? 3) Are gconf and dbus really necessary? 4) Does the browser really need to do its own PDF rendering? Can't that be passed off to a "helper application" like various other media types? You could make life a lot simpler for the developers by handing off OS functionality to the OS, instead of doing it in the browser. Remember that Chrome/Chromium is related to ChromeOS, which is a standalone OS. A smaller browser, with less OS-duplication code would be easier to maintain, and likely have fewer bugs.


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