Dynamic Print Preview and Scaling Feature

  • I'm new to this forum. If this has been addressed, please forgive me.

    I print a lot of web reference material. I have found no browser that matches the printing capabilities of IE (currently v11). IE allows multi-page previews (from 1 to 12 pages) and concurrent dynamic scaling (preset percentages and custom percentage settings). These features are very efficient for setting up and printing web pages, especially to scale down to save paper. These feature alone dictate my use of IE 11 as my primary browser. I would love to move away from Microsoft and onto another browser, but I have found no other browser that can set up printing as efficiently as IE. Strangely, Microsoft abandoned these features in Edge. Can these print preview and scaling features be replicated in Vivaldi? I know from surfing this topic that there are may other people out there with this same concern. Thanks, much!

  • @pdavisbirder I forgot to add, those features work very well in conjunction with blocking sections of web pages and printing selections, only. So the complete integrated feature set that I use constantly consists of: (1) page content selection, (2) multi-page previews, and (3) dynamic scaling.


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