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  • Thought I'd say hello. I'd installed Vivaldi about a year ago but didn't use it as I think flash never worked, in Linux Mint for some time, in my case anyway. But, now it does and I'm really liking it! One thing I really like is the conventional layout of the home, reload page, back buttons. They are where they should be. I don' t get why some browsers think they are improving things but moving these buttons to a different location they have been for 20 years and confusing me. Then I have to install addons to change it back!

    Now if I just had the Tab Bar next to the web page under the Bookmarks Toolbar ... I'd be really happy! Why its up there separated from the main thing its related to .... I'll never understand.

    Thanks for the really nice browser! Keep up the nice work. Love the options. I'm using it more and more. I've never used Chrome so I am learning about those addons for more security like JavaScript control.

  • @bluet Hi! welcome to vivaldi.

    I've seen that tab suggestion around here a few times, so maybe one day it will be implemented.

    As for chrome security setting, you might be interested to visit the page at chrome://settings /content or to click the padlock icon next to a website's address in the address bar, as that offers some quick access for simple security permissions.

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    Hello @bluet and welcome to the Forums.

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    Welcome @bluet to the forum. 🙂

    Please post questions, issues and bugreports in the corresponding forums. Have a look around in Categories menu where all is.

  • @lonm Thanks for those tips and I have taken a look at them. Right now I have installed ScriptSafe but much prefer NoScript and I do read it will eventually be available to use here.

  • @lamarca Well thank you! I plan to stick around ... liking Vivaldi.

  • @gwen-dragon Thanks for the welcome @Gwen-Dragon! I have looked around at the forum categories.


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