Vivaldi 1.12.955.42 won't open

  • After the latest update, I cannot get vivaldi to open at all. I uninstalled Java just in case there was a conflict. I uninstalled and reinstalled Vivaldi and that did not work. It has been working fine since I first tried it a year ago. Worked great today before I installed the update. But this latest update did something. I am on Windows 7 pro 64 bit. The update is version 1.12.955.42 . . . I tried an earlier version 1.12.955.38 and still have the same problem. The extensions I had installed are::: https everywhere, privacy badger, FVD speed dial, and ublock origin. I did not have any websites open at the time.

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    @mishw What shows in the Task Manager when you try to start it?

  • It does not show up in the task manager.

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    @mishw Not even momentarily? The symptom of "won't open at all" is most consistent with 3rd party security software blocking it. If it pops up in the Task Manager for only an instant and then vanishes, this could be security software or it could be a corrupted profile.

    Have you tried to refresh your profile?

  • It does not show up in the task manager for even a second. I just completely uninstalled vivaldi. Won't be reinstalling it until you come out with a new version. How do I referesh my profile if Vivaldi does not start at all?

  • Hello, I kind of have the same problem as you but when I launch Vivaldi I can see In Windows manager that several Vivaldi processes start as normal but only for literally a second. Then they all close and only one Vivaldi process is running and that is the Vivaldi updater and nothing is happening. I uninstalled the 1.13 snapshot and installed a older one 1.5 snapshot and it launched again. But in addition to that I can not download any snapshot or stable version from the Vivaldi website because the server keeps timing me out for some reason

  • @mishw if you look better you can see it, but you need something like Process Explorer.

    @Ayespy I pm-chat you a video recording...

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    @mishw You simply rename the "Default" folder in the Vivaldi\User Data directory. Then if the application starts, you can close it and transfer needed data (login data, history, bookmarks, cookies, favicons & perhaps some more) from the old folder to the new one Vivaldi creates when it opens.

    As long as there is something incompatible in your profile (the "Default" folder), you can probably install new versions from now until the end of time, and they might still never open. The trick is to rename that folder, so that it can start over. It's not the program that has a problem. It's the data in that folder. That's why uninstalling and reinstalling has no effect.

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    @marko-indaco When the process tree looks like that can you see Vivaldi at all? If not, have you tried

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    @marko-indaco The forum chat is broken right now apparently. I can get the email notifying me of your chat, but cannot access it to reply to it. Have you tried to refresh your profile?

  • I just got the same problem today with my Vivaldi Browser which shuted down at a random moment. And I couldn't open it again.
    After a reboot, it opened but disapear few seconds after.
    I use the private navigation which doesn't have the problem. And in the task manager, Vivaldi seems to appear too much time. And in the task bar, at the place where we see which program is open in background, there is too a lot of vivaldi icon which disapear when the mouse goes over.
    Couldn't help more right now, the bed call me. But I wanted to share it because it seems there is a bug for some people (Maybe not, idk).
    Good night 🙂 !

  • @ayespy thank you but my problem is another one, though I guess it's a common problem, and it's about screenshooting and/or recording windows when these are larger than the screen, I mean, when a software GUI exceed by expandig itself to the right side. I guess 2 monitors in syncro could be useful for this, but I never try 🙂

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  • I'm encountering the same issue as @MishW, beginning immediately upon auto update to v1.12.955.42.
    Vivaldi crashes within a second of launching it, before any window even is displayed.
    I confirmed in Process Hacker/Explorer that Vivaldi processes launch and then immediately exit, all except for update_notifier.exe.

    • I have disabled all antivirus.
    • I confirmed in Windows Event Viewer and antivirus logs that no crash, logged issue (or even informational logged event) and no AV blocking occurred.
    • Rebooted Windows (Windows 10 x64)
    • I confirmed no Windows Updates need installing and none were installed recently.
    • I tried launching Vivaldi with --disable-extensions, renaming profile, and using --incognito-mode, all of which allowed it to launch and remain open successfully.
    • I tried reinstalling VIvaldi from manually downloaded installer.

    However, in both cases, no extensions were shown in Extension Manager, which is a MAJOR issue, as, unlike with Firefox, etc., I can't just try to selectively disable extensions until finding the problematic one.

    This is however clearly a Vivaldi issue, occurring only upon install of the latest update, and as reported by others.

    Please fix this critical issue ASAP.

    Re-installing and configuring 30 extensions that I just spent the last month configuring again after switching from Chrome (plus losing critical extension data) is NOT a solution, and there isn't a very good way of backup/restore like with Firefox to make use of it transferring between profiles.

  • For debugging and resolving cases like this where Vivaldi fails to startup, PLEASE make it possible to at least VIEW the installed extensions (even if forcibly disabled via --disable-extensions and/or --incognito-mode) and allow SELECTIVELY disabling theme so that issues can actually be pinpointed and resolved without having to completely throwing out entire profile, settings, extension configurations, etc. for all extensions, every time.

    Also, especially if you installed a shortcut like VIvaldi (Safe Mode) or (Incognito Mode) or (No Extensions), this would be extremely useful.

    This would be a very clear way to any user to easily, intuitively workaround an issue without having to go through forums to figure out how to deal with this and try figure out what data files to transfer over and lose most of their configuration even then.

    This is how browsers like Firefox work, quite successfully, and is often made use it.

  • Also, there appears to be a bug in Incognito Mode (which seems doesn't occur with just --disable-extensions) in which Tools > Extensions and Ctrl+Shift+E fail to even OPEN the empty vivaldi://extensions page, though when doing so with just --disable-extensions that seems to work. Even manually opening it via address bar fails many times before eventually randomly opened.

  • I am encountering the same issues, running Windows 10 x64, previous version worked just fine and until today had no issues.

  • I'll throw my 2 cents in on the pile that without some way to debug which extension, addon or script is crashing Vivaldi on startup users are prevented from using the program at all in their configuration once an update that breaks their version is released.

    This is trashy and some sort of debugging script should be a standard practice for browser developers and frankly I'm disappointed.

    We'll see how long it takes them to push out a hotfix for whatever is conflicting.

  • @poweraccess I am encountering the same issues, running Windows 10 x64, previous version worked just fine and until today had no issues.

    I have uninstalled, reinstalled, checked to make sure Vivaldi was white-listed in both 360 Total Security and in Windows Defender. Upon clicking the shortcut on my Desktop to launch, the cursor shows up, spins for about 2 seconds and then nothing happens, all that shows up is Vivaldi update notifier, and that is it.

    I am going to see if reverting to a previous version helps, because I really love this browser, and consider it to be the best of both Chrome and old school Opera (before tab stacking was nixed).

  • Delete file "Secure Preferences" in ...\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

    I can start and the browser looks stable.


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