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  • I built a little thing for Vivaldis web panels:

    I really like checking the new while browsing the web and I love the webpanels in Vivaldi. So one day I tried to put a newsstream into a webpanel. But that wasn't enough...
    I'd love to have a stream of news from different sources - ordered in a chronological timeline. Like twitter, but for news.

    I couldn't find any service to match my needs and I always wanted to dive deeper into PHP and Javascript. So I build a website I could use to configure feeds and put them into channels.
    Maybe you'd like to have the same feature in Vivaldi?
    If your answer is yes - here is the good news. You can grab my little project from github and use it on your own server - for free!

    Download it here

    If you would like to get some more informations, including docs and demos - head over here:

    I hope you enjoy this little project as much as I did while developing it.

    Your feedback is appreciated 🙂

  • Isn't this comparable to what opera does with their news feed?

  • Well it works, I have no idea about php but I managed to setup a local server and load this from your github
    Two small issues I found..

    • No favicon in webpanel
    • Site gives multiple warnings (for each feed one?)

    Edit: managed to get rid of the warnings by exchanging strotime with date_default_timezone_set() in render-feeds.php lines 59 and 60.

  • @luetage
    Thanks for the feedback. It's pretty strange that you don't have a favicon and multiple error-warnings.
    About the favicon: have you tried uploading all the contents to a live server? It's possible that you don't get a favicon on a local machine.

    Thanks for the info about the errors. May I ask giving me one or two URLs of feeds where this happens? I'd like to investigate further and update the repository.

    I hope you enjoy this little helper. 🙂

    Thanks in advance,

  • @luetage I haven't used Opera in a while, but I really liked their news timeline. I guess Vivaldi will implement something like this sooner or later.
    In the meantime I really like using this tool, because I can get a personalized newsstream in my main-browser and on my mobile phone as well.

  • I got the errors with your preconfigured sites, since I wanted to try it out before editing in my own. Might as well be that it works on a live server, but I have no use for one at the moment.

    Since then I have edited in the feeds from my feed reader extension and many of them have a date from 1970 (begin of unix time). This means the feed is filled up with all blogs/sites with this problem, and then somewhere down the line I have the latest ones from 2017 and then the ones from 2016 etc.

    Examples of feeds which share this problem:

  • @luetage That's strange. The problem might be that there is no timezone set on your local environment.

    So I've added a default timezone to the repository and I've update the demo-page with two of your feeds (one throws an SSL-error). Head over here: and open the channel "Test". The feeds are ordered chronologically there. So it seems to work now.
    The default timezone in the repository is set to Europe/Berlin (in config/config.php). If you are living in another timezone the actual date of the feed might differ but the ordering should work. I guess I'll have to integrate some sort of timezone-picker.

    Feel free to re-download the updated repository (backup your data.json before, so you don't accidentally replace it)

  • @saschadiercks Yeah, that seems to do the trick. I set the timezone myself in the last version, but maybe I somehow messed the code up. Still strange that it worked for some feeds, and for others not. The disappearing favicon issue is actually a common problem on Vivaldi and can be worked around with a simple mod. Probably no issue with your coding.

  • @luetage I'm using strtotime to get the date from each post to convert it into a unix timestamp. This timestamp is then used to sort the post in chronological order. If strtotime is removed, the will no longer work - resulting in the problem you described.

    But in the end I'm happy it's working now and without your feedback, this wouldn't be the case. So, thank your for your time.

  • Update: I made a small update to this little project.

    • Feedtext is now shortened after the end of a sentences not in the sentence
    • If the feed has unnessecary whitespace, the whitespace is trimmed (no longer leading to miscalculation of the length of the feedtext)

  • Blacklisting of uninteresting news is now possible via json-configuration. This is another small update, that I hope, you will enjoy. And the shortening of feeds wasn't working properly. This is fixed too.


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