Unable to Play Flash Content

  • I already installed Flash Player again but I cannot play the video on this page

    0_1509049095529_Unable to Play Flash Content.png

    It plays fine in Opera 12.18. Settings are to Detect and Allow Important Flash Content.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.13.998.3 (64-bit)

  • works for me after clicking on it to activate the flash plugin, make sure you have updated to flash PPAPI

  • @ian-coog I have tried a couple of times, but with the same results.

    Player in Vivaldi
    0_1509050987010_Flash Player.png

    Player in Opera 12.18

    0_1509051023332_Flash Player in Opera.png

    I have Malwarebytes (premium trial) running. Perhaps that is blocking it in Vivaldi, but is so, why not in Opera?

  • I reported a bug pointing back to this thread.

    (VB-34072) Flash Player Content Will Not Play

  • Tried with Windows Phone 8(!) user agent and it played (win10 x64)
    Latest PPAPI Flash end with .183 as version ;)

  • so they're serving wrong player/content depending on win version, I have Win7 and it works.

  • @pesala I cannot try with Vivaldi because recently I had a problem..., btw I try right now with Firefox (updated today) I also with it cannot play videos. Instead with Chromium 60.0.3107.0 works as well.
    Right-clicking on the video diplay this message:

    0_1509057043669_Vivaldi Forum - BBC Flash issue.png

  • @pesala Further to Ian's comment, & just to clarify, you have already done this, i assume? https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/168209 That site for me also would not play, until i did that, after which it's fine.

  • @steffie said in Unable to Play Flash Content:

    have already done this, i assume?

    That works for me. Surprising that that works since I already tried with the general setting of "Always allow flash" in Settings, Webpages.

  • @pesala Excellent news!! Yes i wanted to share my discovery of late last night; as i mentioned, i had not previously needed to do it this way, but it seems that Chromium 62 has changed the landscape... again... presumably as part of their strategy to pressure web-designers to stop using Flash. Thank goodness though there's this workaround, for those of us who still rely on fav sites which have not yet updated.

    Btw, there is some site synchronicity here... you need BBC, & i need ABC [which is our equivalent of BBC]. Wonder why these public broadcasters have stuck with Flash?

  • @steffie said in Unable to Play Flash Content:

    Wonder why these public broadcasters have stuck with Flash?

    I imagine there is more pressure on public broadcasters to support backwards compatibility for as much of their audience as possible.

    Also, they might have less funds to develop new tech. That said, recently I have always been able to use HTML5 on the bbc website, so I'm not sure sure where this issue is arising from.

  • @lonm Yes, i suspect you are likely correct... especially wrt the funding. Here, our current idiot govt hates & detests our ABC, on ideological grounds, & has slashed their budget badly over the past several years. That sure does not help.

  • For BBC, I found few ways to force play videos in HTML5 mode.
    BBC does support HTML5 (maybe since 2015), but God knows why they choose Flash as default if its plugin was installed.

    Any of these;

    • Uninstall Flash.
    • Use UserScript Hide All Plugins. We need to tweak this script @include to affect the site. The creator doesn't want to surprise its user.
    • Change UserAgent to any Mobile Browser UserAgent.

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