Which to delete (Stable or Snapshot)?

  • Am running Linux Mint18.2-MATE, and have both Vivaldi, and Vivaldi Snapshot installed. I to use the Snapshot almost consistently, and wondered if I can, or should, delete, one of them, without messing up anything. Both of these are synced to my other computers. Would sure appreciate some advice on this. Thank you.

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    @tosim There's no reason you can't run Stable and Snapshot side-by side.

    You mention these are "synced" to your other computers. How?

  • @tosim I always have Stable & SS installed & [mostly] at the current versions. I use SS day in & day out, but occasionally do fire up Stable. The two operate entirely independently & there's no need for you to have to remove one, unless i suppose you are extremely low on disk space. BTW, one benefit of keeping Stable is that if SS has an occasional wobble, you don't have to use another [non-V] browser whilst you await the next SS version.

  • There is a slight issue between the two - they both want to create a vivaldi symlink pointing to themselves. If you open a terminal and type "vivaldi" you'll get whichever was installed last. If you avoid that, and of course don't run both at the same time so they aren't both trying to access the profile at the same time, they should be fine.

  • @sgunhouse This is Linux, not Windows. In Linux they have entirely separate paths, directories & launchers. The problem you described simply does not arise... well, for me at least.

  • I use both Windows and Linux. Perhaps they changed it recently, but it did have the issue mentioned regarding symlinks (and Windows doesn't use symlinks). Sure if you use the desktop launcher you never saw it anyway.

  • @tosim
    I'm just to the point.

    Un-installing either Vivaldi won't cause any problems.

    Both profile even safe in your $HOME/.config/vivaldi (vivaldi-snapshot). For this, it's up to you to delete or to backup then delete any your Vivaldi profile which its main package removed. Backup is always a good practice though.

    It seems the others & me interested to how you sync Vivaldi profiles to other systems.

  • Thank you all for your comments. As to my saying " Both of these are synced to my other computers.", my apologies, as I was wrong. I somehow confused my using the Pale Moon browser with Vivaldi. My Pale Moon does sync, and, as we all know, Vivaldi does not. Hopefully we will get the syncing option soon? Again, my apologies, and my thanks.

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    @tosim Sync is being forged in the Vivaldi fires as we speak.

  • @ayespy Oh gosh, i read this & instantly vividly pictured Mordor, which for Vivaldi is the totally wrong metaphor. I need to work more on my subconscious so that in future it throws up imagery of the good team not the bad team.

    Note to subconscious: next time Ayespy gets all metaphorical, think of Gondor, Númenor, or Rivendell, but certainly not Mordor !

  • @ayespy -Thank you for the good news. Once Vivaldi gets the syncing option, hopefully in the near future, I will make it my default on all my computers.


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