v.1.12.955.42 (stable 32-bit) Will not import Bookmarks from Firefox

  • I have been using Vivaldi on my laptop, and installed the new update today. I decided to also install Vivaldi on my desktop computer as well, so downloaded and installed the new version (1.12.955.42). Both computers run Win10, and both have the new Creators Update (if that makes a difference).

    I opened Settings on both computers and went through the new install on my desktop, making sure all settings were identical to those of the laptop.

    Then I clicked on Bookmarks, then Import, then selected Mozilla Firefox (note: I synced Firefox on both computers yesterday). Next I clicked on Start Import and in about 1 second or so green check marks appeared after all 4 of the selected categories. But, nothing was imported!

    When I first installed Vivaldi in my laptop computer, a new folder appeared called "Imported From Firefox", but in my desktop computer with the new install of Vivendi, nothing appears. I've made multiple attempts. No luck.

    The Path shown is the same for both computers. I've restarted, then tried again -- no luck.

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    @chagrined It's not yet known how/why this sometimes happens. A couple of obvious possible causes were fixed some months ago, but users still sometimes report failure to import from Firefox for no readily discernible reason.

    What you CAN do is export the bookmarks from firefox to an HTML file and import the HTML file to Vivaldi. That always works.

    Now you are saying "nothing" was imported. You checked passwords and history? Because if nothing was imported the import simply didn't work for unknown reasons. But you may wish to check the Bookmarks Trash in Vivaldi also, because some users have reported imports going straight to Trash also.

  • Thanks for the response. Nothing in History or Passwords or Trash. I'll give the exported HTML file a try.

  • @pesala
    Thanks. Done.
    Imported via exported HTML file, as in other reply.


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