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  • I know I can choose to not store search terms typed into the search box. I also know that I can remove individual items from the search box. However, what I would like is that the search term immediately disappears from the search box when I hit enter. As it is now it stays there until I search for something else, even when I switch the tab. This is confusing, and I also find it a bit ugly.
    Is there an option I have overseen or can somebody recommend an extension for me that does this?
    Using the URL combo box search is not an option for me.

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    @cran said in Immediately remove search term from search box:

    This is confusing, and I also find it a bit ugly.

    This is extremely useful. It allows one to search for the same search string with different search engines.

    The escape key can be used to clear the search field.

  • That's what I do now: after every search I focus the search box again and press escape. Tedious.
    I agree that for other things it might be useful that the search term stays there forever, just not for my use case it seems.

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    @cran The search string can also be cleared without focusing the field by clicking the x. Or click on the text and press delete.

    0_1508956117777_Clear Search String.png

    I prefer to use the URL field with a keyword to search.

  • @pesala Thanks for the tip. Still I would prefer if that could be done automatically. I know it seems a bit anal, but I just don't like that my browser keeps showing the search string I typed last, and I have to manually delete it every time to achieve that.

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