Browsers GUI evolution

  • Greetings, designers.

    What path do you think our browsers will/should evolve and what problems we as designers should acknowledge and try to resolve nowadays?

    I myself am working on information overload problem currently, and came up with this design to work around problem. If you like to try it, welcome.

    I'm very curious of your opinion on the topic.

    x-post r/browsers

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    @doreminiature So you signed up on the forums for OUR browser for the sole purpose of promoting YOUR browser? Bad form, I think.

  • @ayespy If you see it this way then I'm sorry. I am promoting ideas and solution to problems. First of all it is academic affair. My solution is open sourced and licensed under CC0. Basicaly I'm inviting Vivaldi design community to join conversation. Thank you.

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    @doreminiature The purpose of the Vivaldi forums is to support Vivaldi users in using Vivaldi and to provide the Vivaldi developers feedback about the user experience of using Vivaldi. As a diversion, and to provide a little non-serious time, we have things like the chit-chat category and other purely social channels - where things totally divorced from the browser are kicked around.

    If you are a Vivaldi user and, as such, wish to participate in essentially ANY way in the community, yay. If you wish to make suggestions to improve Vivaldi, yay.

    If not, then what's the deal? People who post for purposes not related to the reasons for the existence of the forums (promoting your furniture store or your own software or your moving services or your pay-for page of your nude pictures or your "massage" services) then do not be surprised when your posts are deleted and your profile banned for spamming.

    Essentially every valid line of discussion on the Vivaldi forums grows organically out of the user's Vivaldi experiences, or their sense of community with other Vivaldi users.

    Are you a member of the Vivaldi community? Just askin'...

  • @ayespy This is the general browser forum board, we can discuss any browser here. I'd argue it was created to discuss browsers that aren't necessarily Vivaldi. If the team really allows self advertisement for a competing 3rd party product, is another story. There should be something in the ToS about such cases. But if I were to open a thread on this forum board about any 3rd party browser I'm not involved with, I'm sure this would be a-ok.

    Furthermore, this is such a fringe software product (browser), I'm sure Vivaldi isn't threatened by this. The thread would have long died off and disappeared from the recent forum board, if you just wouldn't have replied to it. Everyone is ignoring it but you.

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    @luetage Yes. I know what the category is. Yes, "we" (community members ie Vivaldi users, not spammers) can discuss any browser here. But as a mod, it's my job not to ignore a first-time out-of-the-blue post about completely non-Vivaldi matters by someone who never joined or posted before. These are key spam markers. If the poster is a spammer and not a community member, then I have actions I'm supposed to take. When I can't be sure (since it's the only thing the user has posted) I'm happy to engage, to see if I'm dealing with a spammer or just a Vivaldi user who never felt the need to comment before. My initial impulse was to simply nuke the topic and ban the user (as spam and spammer) and move on. But I decided to interact instead. But thank you for your concern 🙂

  • @ayespy Yeah no problem. But next time lock the thread and send a private message if you have concerns. Bumping the thread and bringing more attention to it is all a spammer ever wants. But if their intentions turn out to be indeed virtuous, the last thing a new member needs is getting into a public interrogation by a moderator 😛

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    @luetage Not a bad idea. Now if people would only reply to private messages...

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    Maybe it has not been an appropriate way to appear in this forum, but I think that being in the sub-screen of 'Browsers' where other technologies of browsers is spoken, it can be peronable.
    As well as I see this browser 'Miniature' is mainly intended for Smartphones, which may inspire future versions of Vivaldi for these devices

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