How to Export Bookmarks

  • How do you export bookmarks from Vivaldi?

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    There isn't any formal way to do it yet.

  • I grant it's not super sophisticated methodology, but all i do [frequently] as i manually keep my bookmarks up to date between V-TP, V-SN, Opera-Dev, Chromium … & ditto back into Win7 if i occasionally need to venture back there from Lovely Linux-land, is [depending on which is my main browser at any specific picosecond] copy the bookmarks file from the relevant path [eg, /home/steffie/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/] & then paste it into the desired folder for the other browsers. Slightly cumbersome, but effective.

  • My method is to export Vivaldi bookmarks directly to a browser of choice using this third-party program Transmute. I have successfully exported my bookmarks (just select Chromium as source) to Chrome. At first it wasn't working for me, but I tried disconnecting my Google account, clearing the bookmarks via the bookmarks manager, then tried again and it worked.

  • just to let this topic end with an answer:

    the linux version method is to:

    1. access the vivaldi menu with the mouse
    2. click <file>
    3. then click <Export bookmarks>

    obviously got added a while ago

  • @jgreen I do it so: Menu - File - Export Bookmarks...

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