Window panel and file download improvements – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.13.997.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    Our third snapshot for Vivaldi 1.13 introduces two new features, a download close dialog and a new Window Panel.

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  • Finally a snapshot. I hear your warning, but you won't keep me from trying this!

  • Moderator

    Good to see the window(s) panel getting its proper release. Looking forwards to multi-window support as well.

    Edit: I have now installed the Snap and windows are very much faster at loading. They now have a splash screen, which is interesting, so it's not immediate, but it definitely feels faster. Also, that annoying issue where tabs dragged to new windows kind of freezing up has stopped as well. Awesome!

  • Yeah !!! Finally the download speed at its rightful place !

    For the Window panel, I would love to be able to interact with saved session too. Pluck a tab from a saved session and drop it in a window would be awesome 🙂

  • A small issue: would be cool if we could change the url of a bookmark on the bookmark bar through the right-click dialog.

  • Something happened to the way flash blocking is handled I set flash to "off" from the plugin options to be able to control when I want to start using it. Now it plays the html5 (I suppose) equivalent instead, which I don't want (since I don't know a way to block that) and can't seem to change that behaviour. Had to get a flash blocker again.

  • Thank you for the new snapshot. So far so good!

    Small thing:
    I have tabs w/thumbs on the left. When I load a new page in the current tab, the existing thumb is cleared immediately. If the page loads slowly, the thumb of the old page will be displayed again. When the page has been completely loaded, the new thumb is correctly displayed.

    Win7x64 Vx64

  • 1st impression: WOW
    now checking everything in detail 🙂

  • Thanks for the update after that long time 😊
    What I like is the new splash screen when opening. Looks great

  • "Anything else you need, just ask."

    • Delete files from Downloads
    • Full-screen panels. You already did it with image properties. I would even donate for this feature.

    After 30 min of usage, this new version seems a bit more stable, though it might just be an illusion. Start-up time seems slightly faster. Was expecting a lot more. Thank you.

  • And another small thing: image properties should show the title text

  • Moderator

    Your 2nd screenshot is showing off the sync icon. What a tease.

  • Moderator

    Now i have a faster Startup of Vivaldi on Windows 10 🙂
    New window code is a enhancement. Nice.

  • I have issue. All my Vivaldi browsers (stable and snapshot) not want to install on Linux OpenMandriva LX3. If I use GUI installer I get issue with installation. When I try install in console:

    "Installation failed: vivaldi-unstable is in conflict with vivaldi-snapshot"

    Same with install Vivaldi stable, but with stable I get error that stable is in conflict with vivaldi beta - and beta not exist right?

    Anyway only solution for install Vivaldi in OpenMandriva is forcing installation by --nodeps parametr. So rpm -i --nodeps vivaldi.rpm

    Sometimes ago I report bug to Vivaldi but no reply. I also report but to OpenMandriva here:
    but look like it it browser bug.

  • @luetage: Yup, I like it, and yes, opening seem faster 😛

  • maybe related to
    [Search Engines] Replace Yahoo! as the default search engine with Bing for all countries where Yahoo! was default VB-33639
    I had Google as default, after update I found ANOTHER Google entry set as default in the search engines but it was without search suggestions. I simply deleted it and restored previous one which has search suggestion url as default.
    On a side note, the doubling of search entries in the typed history dropdown in address bar doesn't seem to occur anymore, more testing required.

  • Moderator

    @lonm Nice observation! But, not far from the truth 🙂 😜

  • Moderator

    Thanks for the new Snapshot release, after a long time (really long) 😉
    Very good job, like allways 👏🏻

  • @farblos: That's a change made by Chromium : Flash will disappear in the short term (end of 2020, which, for a beast like Flash, is short term). So, to end its usage asap, Chromium choose to deprecate it sooner (=> deactivated per default).
    So, you should adapt because soon you will have to.
    There are hundreds of extension that could prevent videos from loading, and/or autoplay. I'll let others recommend one.

    A while back, I also asked Vivaldi to provide an option to deactivate videos (like the option do deactivate the images now)(VB-5847). We'll have to wait for it to be implemented though.

  • Moderator

    @parduspars Already here, go to the Settings -> Panel and check Activate with Single Click 😉

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