Touch Devices - Somethings I would like to see in the future of Vivaldi

  • Hello there everybody. First I like to introduce myself. Im Sascha from Germany, Student and I stumbled some time ago over Vivaldi, which became my favorite Browser over the past month.

    As I read in the forums, some people seem to have some problems with the actual version, so do I, some freezes over the time, but this is still a fresh and young project, so I think this will get fixed 😉 .

    For myself I would like to see Vivaldi become more touch friendly. My main device is a Surface Pro 4 and it would be awesome if I was able to pinch to zoom and swipe to change between tabs. Zooming in Edge is like a dream, so this would be awesome to see this coming to Vivaldi as well. (If possible, don't know if chromium is capable to this).

    But overall I just want to pass a big thank you to the Team for building this awesome browser. 🙂
    Keep up the good work, you guys rock 😉

    Greetings from Germany,


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    Unfortunately on Vivaldi has bugs with Surface touch devices and users touch actions. They are working on this.


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